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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Depazzi Jewellery

Depazzi emerged in contrast to its origins back in the late 1800s. Both Tully and Evert families were among the earliest pioneers of opal mining in the harsh Australian outback. As they worked their land they uncovered the most exquisite gemstone the world had ever seen - the magnificent fire-kissed boulder opal.

That pioneering blood still runs thick today, as both Evert and Tully step-up their quest to take the Australian opal industry to unprecedented levels.

Tully's passion earned him a Churchill Fellowship to study jewellery design in Florence. While Evert is the voice for opal mining in Queensland, having only recently stepped down from heading a full operation: mining, cutting and retailing in north Queensland.

Together they're set to do for opals what Paspaley has done for pearls, as they drive Depazzi - Australia's most potent luxury goods brand - onto the international market.

Depazzi is an exuberant line of jewellery and accessories that is uniquely indigenous to Australia. Signature Depazzi style features wild animal leathers such as croc, with illustrious pearls, coral, woven cotton, and most notably, Australia's national stone - the opal.

The evolution of Depazzi has fused the lives of two outback pioneers. It is a story that unfolds like an epic: one that reveals all the trials and tribulations of Australian prospecting, but most notably the emergence and subsequent success of the iconic Australian brand, Depazzi.
And so the story continues to evolve, with Tully designing and inspiring through new world multi-channel marketing, this arm flexing in tandem with Evert's retail knowledge and operations branch; together they drive Australia's most potent luxury goods brand onto the international circuit.

But it would not have been such a journey without the tremendous support from their respective families. Both Tully and Evert have burgeoning families and are the first to acknowledge that their strength and support has been instrumental to their success.

Tully exclaims "After all, it is the chemistry of the people involved in this company that makes it successful, rather than the efforts of one Director or Designer. Really it's our core vision as the people who drive the business, combined with an extraordinary team of people we have attracted including: Elisabetta Gucci, tutors in Italy, photographer Richard De Chazal, designer Eva Burgija, media advisor Selena Wallace, our craftsmen, the media and many others who have believed in Depazzi from conception."

With precious gemstones, extraordinary designs, branding, and a tremendous sense of national pride...there is no question that Bruce Tully, James Evert and the team are changing the way the world looks at opals - and Australia.

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