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Tours of Tuscany
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gwydir Grove's

Gwydir Grove's range of award winning Australian olive oils offer the perfect selection of quality and flavour for the discerning cook.

The olives are picked and processed to ensure that the oil is fresh and retains its fragrance and flavour. Being unsaturated and containing a range of antioxidants, Olive Oil is great for your health and is recommended by nutritionists and health professionals as your best choice for cooking and salad dressing.

The Gwydir Grove Story 1996-2007 The Gwydir Grove story started 11 years ago. The label began in Moree in North-West NSW in 1996. Two Moree women, Margi Kirkby and Jenni Birch bought themselves a second-hand olive press and harvested all the local olive trees they could find as their own newly planted olive trees were too young to be producing. Margi and Jenni began selling the oil in local shops under the name "Gwydir Grove".

As the business grew, other local growers came on board and formed the company Gwydir Olives Pty Ltd. The company was based in Inverell, NSW as the climatic conditions are better suited to storing oil. The state of the art factory opened in 1999.

Ten years later the Gwydir Grove brand is one of Australia’s leading premium olive oils.
Processing - The Gwydir Olives factory in Inverell NSW was officially opened in 1999 and the facility was heralded as being a significant addition to the Inverell district.

Built with Hebel concrete walls and an insulated roof, the temperature inside the factory remains low even on the hottest days.

The modules of the plant are linked by a central computerised work station. The factory manager is responsible for smooth operation during the processing season and maintains a very high standard of hygiene during production.

The plant is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) accredited and maintains Organic Certification. The Alfa Laval processing plant was imported from Italy.

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