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Tours of Tuscany
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Italian Language Week

Italian Consulate in Brisbane

On the occasion of the 7th edition of the ‘International Italian Language Week’, which this year is themed ‘Italians and the Sea’ the Italian Consulate in Brisbane collaborating with Queensland Government (Education Queensland), Co.As.It – Italian Language Centre, the Dante Alighieri Society Brisbane and the Italian School Committee, extends an invitation to participate in the events commencing on Monday the 22nd of October 2007.

The contents of the 7th edition is particularly close to the culture of Australia; the sea as a form and link to recreation, a source of sustainment, of enjoyment and scenic beauty.

Of equal importance is the role that the sea has had in every aspect of Italian culture: in its history, literature, economy, music, art and politics.

In particular for our Italian Immigrants who arrived in Australia via the sea, the voyage creating an unforgettable experience, often entrusted to the pages of a diary, or as the basis of stories and as such many publications: the sea, journeys of imagination, of leaving and returning, a place to encounter new worlds of possibility.

In the modern age, where distances are constantly shortened and an ever-growing number of Italian Tourists visit Australian shores to enjoy its natural beauty, it becomes urgent and important to communicate information about safety on the beach and in the ocean.

These are the suggestions inspiring the events of the upcoming Italian Language Week, created with participation of the scholastic institutions. The theme for the Italian Language Week has risen within the scholastic environment , proposed as a linguistic competition, chosen as a conduit of study and excursion. Therefore, we believe that via the scholastic, the opportunity exists to expand the participants and beneficiaries of the teachings of the Italian Language.

The excursion aboard ship titled, “Italians on High Seas?” offers reflection on new and innovative methods of teaching, stimulating and exploring new routes and new harbours

The Program

- Monday 22nd October 6pm at the offices of Co.As.It. Italian Language Centre, 42 Newbery Street Newmarket, Brisbane 4051, the conference entitled “Garibaldi: man of the sea” presented by Prof. Guerino Lorenzato. The conference joins the theme of Italian Language Week with the celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi and points to underline the important, profound rapport and significance by the ‘hero of two worlds’ developed with the sea, even sailing through Bass Strait in 1852, at the command of the clipper “Carmen”

- Friday 26th October 2007 at 2pm at All Hallows in Ann street, Brisbane the presentation of the winners of “Studitalia”, organised by Education Queensland and the Italian Consulate in Brisbane for Italian language students in year 12 of high school. The winners will spend a month in Italy as guests of Convitto Nazionale di Cividale del Friuli and experience full immersion in Italian schools in Italy, in contact with students and their families. All Hallows will showcase the participants of the competition “Garibaldi: Man of the Sea’s” and “My Grandparents Ocean Voyage’ organised by the Italian Language Centre in Brisbane and North Queensland schools involved in the teaching of Italian Language.

- Saturday 27 October 2007 at 10:30am at the Offices of Co.As.It. Italian Language Centre 42 Newbery Street Newmarket 4051 Brisbane, begins the conference themed “D’Annunzio and the Sea” hosted by prof. Guerino Lorenzato, which explores the role of the sea as a source of inspiration and as an object of love in the dannunziana style.

- Sunday 28 October 2007 at 10am, set sail on the Linguistic Cruise “Italians On the High Seas?”, an experience in immersion in linguistic, a full day dedicated to music, games and literature on the theme of the Sea. Organised by the ‘Dante Alighieri Society of Brisbane, Foster Street, Newmarket and reserved for Italian Language students. Organised to promote the study of the Italian language and the culture in an environment of active participation and motivation, joining pleasure and significant moments, different from the classic lessons. Within this workshop we will reflect upon the text of Alessandro Baricco, “Oceano Mare”.

- On the evening of Friday 2 November 2007 at The Italian School Committee will host at the Civic Centre in Nambour (Sunshine Coast), Currie Street, Top Level il “Taste of Italy”, a representation of recitals, songs, dance and other artistic expressions. Created by primary and secondary schools on the theme of “Italians and the Sea”.

At the same location and presented by the Italian School Committee and with the collaboration of Surf Life Saving at 2pm will be inaugurated the exhibition of posters, created by students of Sunshine Coast schools, who will participate in the competition “Neptune”. The competition is orientated to create a Italian language poster on the concept of Safety at Sea and on the beach in Australia. The schools will be awarded during the presentation by the Consulate.

All the events are open to the public with the exception of the linguistic cruise “Italians On The High Seas” on Sunday the 28 October, however if you are interested in participating, please write to or phone 07 3356 7731.

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