Tours of Tuscany

Tours of Tuscany
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great South East Story for Italian Week 2008

On Thursday the 20th of March 2008, The Great South East hosted by Sofie Formica filmed a special segment which features Italian Week and some of its protagonists. The episode will air Sunday 11th May at 5.30pm on The Great South East about two weeks before Italian Week commences and will be an excellent spot for the event.

The day started at La Dolce Vita where Sofie, Carole Horne ( producer) and Mark (cameraman) met with David Beard, owner of ‘Scary’ and member of the Lamborghini Club where we filmed the arrival and Sofie and I having a quick coffee before leaving for Sirianni’s at the Emporium to collect some ingredients for a picnic at New Farm Park.

We selected a number of items with the assistance of Tony Sirianni and then headed toward New Farm Park for our picnic.

At the Park, we were met by Peter Cupples and his daughter Georgia who performed a nice little serenade of an original piece that Peter wrote (in Italian).

Peter has written music in Italian and English and together with is daughter they do a great rendition – we are very excited to have them as part of Italian Week, they truly symbolise the spirit of Italian /Australian culture.

Sofie Interviewed Peter who gave some of his background as the partner to an Italian and how he has grown passionate toward all things Italian, he outlined that the sense of community and family was something that he appreciated very much and that his love of food and wine were well complimented within the range of the Italian culinary experience. Here you can see a little clip I filmed.

From New Farm Park we headed into the city centre to shoot the fashion section with Elio Moda. Widely known throughout the country for his design and style, Elio dressed Sofie in a couple of his outfits and chatted about fashion in general. In the meantime I walked out with a great suit and we headed for coffee and dolci to complete the day.

Our next and final destination was a tour of the kitchen and chat with Aladino from Dolci Sapori at Clayfield who discussed the Italian Pasticceria and how dolci are made. A very nice day showcasing the main features of Italian Week 2008.

The story goes to air on Sunday 11th May at 5.30pm on The Great South East, by the way…

More Photos

Mario Cali, Sofie Formica and Aladino Pozzobon at Dolci Sapori

Alessandro Sorbello with Sofie Formica with the Lamborghini

Georgia Cupples, Peter Cupples and Sofie Formica

More Photos on and story

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