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Wednesday, April 9, 2008



You know why enthusiasts insure with Shannons?

Because Shannons and all their people truly share the same passion as you do. They’re enthusiasts – that’s why just about everywhere motoring enthusiasts gather; you’ll see the famous Shannons colours and more often than not, Shannons people wearing them.

When you call Shannons for an insurance quote you won’t speak to someone who’s reading a prepared script from a monitor –all Shannons people are enthusiasts –all of them share the same passion as you. There’s no better example of this than their specially tailored insurance products

Shannons are true enthusiasts. They auction and trade the cars we love, they support the events we enjoy and the car movement we belong to as well as offering the best and most flexible insurance cover on our most prized possessions – including our cars, bikes and even our homes.

That’s right - Shannons offers a real choice of insurance for bike enthusiasts too.

Which means that if you have a few years experience riding on the road, and garage your bike – Shannons now offers you a real choice of insurer.

Whether you ride a sports, cruiser, tourer or naked, Shannons has you covered.

And we’re not just talking exotic makes and models – Shannons insures the big four Japanese makes, as well as fabulous Italians, Germans, English and of course American hogs!

As well as a top level of comprehensive cover, Shannons Bike Insurance has features that bike enthusiasts have been crying out for.

Like agreed value, lower rates depending on usage, great cover for your riding gear and much more. Call Shannons on 13 46 46 for details.

And as an enthusiast you’ll be happy to know that Shannons also offer Home and Contents Insurance for the motoring enthusiast.

Shannons recognises that the garage is probably one of the most important areas in your home, so they have developed an insurance policy with a range of great features that reflect your special needs.

Most importantly Shannons Home and Contents Insurance and Home and Contents Extra Insurance both feature an $10,000 Enthusiast Section that covers you against accidental loss or damage to automotive memorabilia and collectables, automotive spare parts and accessories, tools, instruments and equipment kept at your home.

Only a company of motoring enthusiasts would think of cover like that!

Shannons isn’t for everyone but for motoring enthusiasts across Australia, Shannons insurance is the insurer of choice. So when the vehicle comes first insure it with Shannons.
Call 13 46 46 for a quote for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Australia.

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